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♥ Georgina.19.Australian.Cat Lady .Tea Addict. Singer. Psych Student.Recovering from.Major Depression.Self Harm.Bulimia.Anxiety.Borderline Personality Disorder ♥ ♥ This blog displays my recovery journey and all its ups and downs and also the things I find beautiful in the world ♥

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Anonymous said: Why are you prescribed Ritalin?

My psychiatrist prescribed me Ritalin for my depression. It helps a lot well it completely turned my life around! I was extremely tired and lacked motivation which impacted my mood a lot , so when I was put on it it got me functioning on a day to day basis not a high or anything (you may assume with a stimulant) it just got me to a normal working place and I was able to complete tasks and living a whole lot more :) I was stuck in a real hole for awhile and being prescribed Ritalin has improved my daily life incredibly! I also know its not forever and hopefully one day I will be well enough to function this way without medication but for now its working. Thanks for asking :) if you have anymore questions about it don’t hesitate to ask or even send me a private message xoxox

For me recovery is…

..slipping and cracking and making mistakes; but instead of it defining you you now start to stand up after it and seal those cracks so you don’t eventually shatter. It started off with you slowly crawling up , most days needing another hand to help you. As time goes on the moments you fall you now stand right back up more confidently and a little bit faster each time now with your own hand guiding you. Recovery isn’t about being 100% better or doing it all at once or all in your own power. Recovery is messy and imperfect and asking others for help and it can still leave you bleeding but you know how to heal that wound a bit better now days. Each day you do this you’re adding piece by piece a better you a well you by collecting those broken bits and sharp edges and putting them to good use. When I look at stained glass windows or mosaics I can help but see the imagery of recovery. We are a collection of shattered pieces that have been put together to make the most beautiful pieces of art. Every piece binds together with the glue of your strength and the help you have received creating you now as a whole. Why be a plain window with no cracks when you can be a stained glass window of beauty and strength?


the pain in my soul that i have so much alcohol and no one to drink it with is so real today 

drinking buddies please


More Facts on Psychofacts :)

I went from hailing angels to flirting with death to singing for satan with one baited breath

Chopped changed
I’m never the same
Losing my mind over and over again..